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Storfund charges a flat 2% fee

No origination or monthly fees. No transfer costs

No hidden charges


Storfund charges a flat 2% fee on your Amazon balance. We deposit 80% of your sales to your bank account daily; the remaining 20%, minus the fee, is paid to you on the day of the Amazon payout.

For example, if your sales, net of Amazon fees, are €1,000 on any given day, Storfund will transfer €800 the very same day. The remaining €200 minus our €20 fee and any refunds, are credited to your bank account on the day of the scheduled Amazon payout.

Hedge FX Risk with Daily Payments

Storfund not only covers the cost of money transfers, we also convert your international sales into your preferred currency with the real exchange rate.

Daily conversions of your international sales hedge perfectly against unfavorable currency movements and protect your hard-earned income. Shield your Amazon earnings and get the same protection that large corporations receive.

What is your Real Cost?

Let’s say that 100% of your sales are on international marketplaces. Receiving those earnings in your preferred currency can be costly. Storfund gives you the real exchange rate and saves you up to 3-8 times compared to a bank.

In other words, when we account for our 2% flat fee you will be saving at least 1% on your sales while also accessing daily payments in your home currency.

Sales €1,000,000





Effective Rate


Real Cost


Use the slider to approximate the percentage of your international sales (other currency)

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Eligibility Criteria

Incorporated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or in any of the member states of the European Union.

12 Months of
Sales History

In Good Standing with Amazon

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