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How It Works

Seamless connectivity, real time calculations

Intelligent dashboard

Receive daily payments in four easy steps

Sign Up

with just your email


your Seller Central account


your business bank account


your Amazon payment daily

How we access your daily sales

Sign up or login with your Amazon account. We ask for your Seller ID and an Amazon generated MWS Authorization Token to synchronize your Seller Central account with Storfund.

How you save on foreign exchange charges

Our affiliate payment service providers issue you bank collection accounts in the currency used in each Amazon marketplace. Get paid like a local Amazon seller in dollars, euros, and pounds and save on currency conversion charges.

Secure Accounts

We use established payment service providers – authorized and regulated by the FCA as Electronic Money Institutions – to ensure that you receive your sales in your local bank account daily.

Currencies Direct provides Amazon recognized digital certificates to the holders of the collection accounts.

How you get paid daily

Add your preferred local bank account where Storfund payments will be credited daily. You can update your bank account information at any time.

How you access all transactions

Your Storfund dashboard shows your sales breakdown and payments per marketplace in your local currency. You can view orders shipped as well as all pertinent Amazon charges in real time.

How Storfund is paid

On the day of the Amazon payout the money is forwarded from your collection account(s) to Storfund.

How you pause the service

Pause and restart the service at any time. Our interface allows you to fund either your North American marketplaces, your European marketplaces, or both.

Turn Amazon balances into working capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Storfund pays Amazon sellers daily; it also offers low currency conversion costs to international sellers. Instead of waiting 14-30 days to get paid by Amazon or being hampered by a rolling reserve, we transfer 80% of your daily net sales to your account the very same day.
Storfund does not require full access to your account and we will never ask for your password. You just need to allow Storfund to daily read sales data from your Seller Central Account using an official, Amazon sanctioned procedure. You can revoke our access at any time.
Storfund has an easy four step sign-up process. We will ask for some ID documents to verify your business and its owners as well as your Amazon Seller ID and an MWS Authorization Token. Generating the token from your Seller Central account is very easy, more information can be found at Amazon’s FAQ section. If you have any inquiries one of our representatives would gladly assist you through our live chat function. You can also email your questions to support@storfund.com or schedule a call with our team.
Our affiliate payment processors need to comply with FCA guidelines. To this end, payment processors like Currencies Direct need to identify and verify our customers to comply with KYC regulations (who you are, where you live, etc.). Storfund will never share any of your data with anyone else and rest assured, we store all customer information securely.
It usually takes a few hours to verify first time users and to open the bank accounts with our affiliate payment processor. Thereafter all Storfund payments are executed daily at close of business. Money transferred to your account will be available no later than the next working day.
Yes you can. We have partnered with payment processors and offer collection accounts to help you scale your e-commerce business internationally. Whether you are already using a collection account or allow Amazon to convert your international sales into your local currency, Storfund will offer you a much lower rate. Amazon’s Currency Converter charges 4%. We will convert your earnings to your local currency for much less. The realized savings will compensate for our 2% fee, which includes the costs of financing and all money transfers. We make sure that you get paid daily and at a minimum cost. Storfund will improve your bottom line.
Not at all! We don’t check your credit report nor are any credit inquiries placed from our side. We only check your sales history and a number of key performance metrics of your amazon account.
Currently, Storfund covers only the European and North American markets. We plan to extend our offerings to the Asian market in the near future. For more information contact us at support@storfund.com .
We just require your store to have at least 12 months of sales history and that your Amazon account is in good standing.
We can purchase for each 14 day period up to $50,000 worth of receivables. For larger amounts contact us at support@storfund.com .
Storfund charges a 2% flat fee. Sellers that earn over $50,000 per month and have a stellar Amazon account can contact us at support@storfund.com . For more information check our section on pricing.
Yes. Our sole precondition is that Sellers set their Amazon loan repayment period to bi-weekly. Depending on each case we might have to increase our 20% reserve.
In such a case, Storfund won’t be promptly repaid and we will not be able to advance any further funds until your Amazon account is in good standing and we are repaid in full. In any case where Amazon continues to hold the payment balance to the next pay period, the same 2% flat fee will apply to the new payment period
You can pause, re-start or permanently stop our service any time.